Sunday, November 28, 2010

Powe Family

Headed to Thomasville this afternoon to take family portraits of the Powe Family! This family is the sweetest!! I have known the mother for the last 16 years, so doing pictures for her is always such a reward! I love getting to see these babies grow up before my very eyes!! They are simply adorable! And big sister is just as pretty as ever. Melindy, I can't believe after numerous photo sessions in the past, that this is the first of the entire family... and of you and your cutie pie hubby. Hope you enjoy your sneak peak. Will be working on them this week and will have them done ASAP!! Thanks for allowing me to do these for you! :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

McKenzie Calhoun

Ok, so this HAS to be the MOST ADORABLE little girl I have photographed in a LONG time... she did an AMAZING job during her session this afternoon!! Her Mama adores her with her entire heart... and I now know why!! She was SUCH a PERFECT model... she did everything I asked of her and did it perfectly. We had a complete blast!! The outfits Jaimie selected for her session were PERFECT! Jaimie, thanks for selecting me to do your session, you had a lot of photographers to choose from and I'm so glad you picked ME!! Enjoy your sneak peak, the entire session will be completed by Wednesday!!

Heald Family Portraits

Here is a sneak peek at the Heald Family Portraits. We headed to Metcalfe today to do these pictures! They are SO adorable and whenever I do pics of them... they always turn out SO good! Their dog, Rebel, was included in their family session and I have to admit... this is one of the BEST, most well behaved dogs, I have EVER seen!! He did WONDERFUL and made my job look SO EASY!! Thanks guys, hope you enjoy this sneak peek at your session.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TCCHS Senior Rep - Class of 2011

Chelsea Frazier!! :)

We had a GREAT time doing Chelsea's Senior Portraits Sunday!! It was suppose to rain, so I was a little worried, however, there literally wasn't a cloud in the sky! An absolutely beautiful day, that started with a less than perfect forecast...  We started with some indoor portraits of her (and of course it wouldn't have been complete without her little puppy "Romeo."  He did SUPER amazing and made my job look SO easy... but it's usually not when you throw an animal into the mix. I mean, look at this face... and he looked JUST like that when he was seated next to her on the ground... can you believe it? I couldn't!

Then, we took to the country for the rest of her session and it was amazing!! The land we were on was gorgeous! We walked and walked until I decided that I HAD to photograph this old beat up, rusted out Cadillac that had probably sat there in the very same place longer than Chelsea has been alive.... so, we went next door and asked for permission from the gentleman that owned it.... he couldn't understand how I could see beauty in this "hunk of junk" and why I wouldn't want to use his newer, pretty, better taken care of Dodge... click the link at the end of this session to go to my website and view all Chelsea's pics and see the White Dodge that I am referencing here.

There were so many good pics from this session that I couldn't just pick one to display on my blog... so many different looks, so many different type situations... all so Chelsea inspired. She didn't want her Senior Portraits to look like anyone else's, and I can promise you, they definitely won't!  She's a beautiful girl, and such a trooper to do her session in almost 100 degree heat.. with a heat index of 116 might I add. Between all the walking and sweating, I'm sure we burned at least 300 calories easily... lol.  Chelsea, thanks for selecting me to be your Senior Portrait Photographer! I had a blast and I know you talked to several photographers before you "HAD" to use me. Make me smile! :) *tear*


Yep, we went to the first game of the season... and wasn't it amazing?! FSU (59) vs. Samford (6). Needless to say there was L.O.T.S. of screaming and cheering from our row (hhhmmm, who was doing all that?) Anyways, here are some pics of us from our exciting game... WAY too hot... but SO much fun!!

Tristen and his best friend, Tyler, on the way to the game /  Tristen and Connor.. cute!

Outside Doak Campbell Stadium before game... Connor was ready to be in there already! lol

Me & Boys... horrible pic of ALL three of us, but i learned if I keep deleting pics that I don't like, I end up with none. So I stopped, I try to embrace something positive about each one now. At least we're all smiling... well, kind of... the boys have the same fake smile going at least.. haha

Me and Tristen

Connor & his "Hanny" (told u it was hot!)

Me and Hannah

Ok, now you see why I am NEVER in the photos... I am NOT good on THIS side of the camera... I'd rather be taking pictures than being in them ANY DAY!! And, now you understand. The End.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Powe Family

I had an indoor photo session with the Powe Children last night... they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Here is a sneak peek... I'll be working on them this evening as we didn't finish up until around 9pm... hopefully I'll have them completed and uploaded by tomorrow... but until then, here they are:

Big Sister, Kinley

Sibling Love.... one word... SWEET!

Baby Brother, Fisher

Back to work...

Monday, I had a corporate photo session for Caldwell & Langford in Thomasville, GA. This group is so much fun. They made me laugh the whole time I was there. Here is a peak at their group photo, but make sure to click the link below their group portrait to view all their individual portraits as well.  Thanks for having me come out. I was honored that you asked me...

Caldwell and Langford also has a new producer on staff, Chase Strickland.  Chase has an ad going into the Thomasville paper announcing his new position and we had to head out to a local plantation to do a quick mini-session of head shots for the paper. Everyone said they definitely caught the true Chase!